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same TMS technology used by the world's largest transportation companies.

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Free for TIA members: Unlimited driver text messaging, unlimited inbound document processing, and unlimited load tracking.

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The partnership provides the perfect solution for any freight broker or 3PL. TIA stays on top of the latest and best technology that drives value and profits for its members, and will transform your entire brokerage or logistics business - at no additional cost to you.


The TIA Technology & Business Bundle gives you and your team a totally free, state of the art and proven TMS, funding, and carrier payment technology solution – all rolled into one seamless solution that will run your entire brokerage or 3PL operations. This exclusive TIA technology package will help you to increase your brokerage profits and reduce your brokerage costs - guaranteed. Better still, it’s all provided at no charge to TIA members that get the TIA Technology & Business Bundle package. To get the package, just call or email your TIA representative and tell them that you want the TIA Technology & Business Bundle. There are TWO options for you;

First, if you just want AscendTMS on it’s own, TIA will give it to you for free for 3 months, for up to 3 of your staff (additional staff are just $79 per month).

Second, if you decide to turn on either Triumph Business Capital’s real-time funding solution or the TriumphPay carrier payments solution inside AscendTMS (your choice), you’ll get AscendTMS for 12 full months at no charge to you, for up to 5 of your staff (again, additional staff are just $79 per month).

To get your 3 free users, compliments of TIA, just click the "Get Started" button below. Then enter "TIARocks! " as your promo code. It takes about 10 seconds (really!). There's no obligation, no cost, and no tech expertise needed. Then, before your standard free 30 day trial is up, just email us ANY proof that you’re a TIA member to Support@InMotionGlobal.com and say "Gimme that awesome TIA deal! ", and we’ll get you your extended free Premium subscription - courtesy of TIA - within 1 business day. Welcome to the family! 😊

Just take a look at a few of the amazing features of and see if a completely free, cloud-based TMS software package, courtesy of TIA is right for you.

Thank you for being a loyal TIA member. Our goal is to help you succeed, grow, and flourish!

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