Direct wholesale LTL rates, no LTL brokers, and easy dimensional pricing. It’s why was invented. Let’s face it, LTL can be a frightening and complex move for truckload people 😊. But, with we’ve made moving LTL easier, cheaper, and faster. You can see rates from most major big-name LTL carriers, book loads, arrange pickup times, get live tracking, and even pay online. Better still, you can either use inside your existing AscendTMS account or as a completely standalone LTL utility to quote, book, and track. And remember, you get direct carrier-direct LTL rates, with no brokers, easy dimensional pricing, and far fewer rebills.

Just LOOK What You Get With The

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Carrier-Direct LTL Rates

Most people get their LTL rates - and book their loads - through a big-name online LTL portal run by a broker that adds 30% or more to the rate. That’s NOT the case with , where you get direct wholesale pricing with the LTL carrier, including massive volume discounts that come from over 42,800 other users booking LTL freight. You’ll also get COMPLETE transparency to the rate.

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No LTL Brokers

rates have NO brokers involved. So, if you’re a broker or carrier, selling LTL services to your customer, then you can feel assured that YOU can add a nice beefy margin to the LTL rate shown so YOU can make some money and still be highly competitive. That’s because with you’re getting LOW direct wholesale pricing from all the big-name national LTL carriers 😊. That means YOU can make a nice profit – and finally go after more LTL business.

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Easy Dimensional Pricing

Other LTL providers still make you jump through hoops to add the freight class, the weight and strict dimensions (and you’d better get it right or they’ll just rebill you to death later – see below). Well, that’s not the case with . With us – we managed to get EVERY carrier to give us rare dimensional pricing (usually only given to Fortune 500 companies doing hundreds of millions in LTL freight annually). The good news for you is that gives you that same benefit as the Fortune 500…and so no complicated freight class is needed – and that means it’s EASIER and FASTER. Nice, huh!!!! 😊

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Fewer Rebills (Just Don’t Lie About The Dimensions Or Weight, lol 😉)

Rebills can double or triple your LTL rates – and they are a MAJOR source of income for many LTL brokers. They might give you a low rate upfront – but they’ll bill you the extra costs weeks (or months) later for some stupid reason about freight class, weight or its shape, or even how it was wrapped. With you won't get a rebill for correctly entered LTL freight (just don't tell us to pick up 1 pallet and when the truck arrives it’s really 11 pallets 😊). Rebills are a crime – and something you won’t find when you use and provide us with the correct dimensions and an accurate weight for your shipment.

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Now It’s Not Scary, Let’s Grow Your LTL Business

Most truckload people HATE getting an LTL order from their customer. It’s just so different than TL freight that they hide from even offering it. NOT ANYMORE. With by your side you can feel confident that you can offer LTL rates and services to your existing customers – and even ENCOURAGE you get more of it. Why not, right? Your rates will be lower than all the existing LTL competition AND you can now make a VERY nice profit at it. Huzzah!!

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Integrated With Or As A Standalone

You can use as a standalone LTL quote, book, track and pay system – or you can use it with the full software solution. If you use it with , all of your TL and LTL freight will be unified in the same load management and customer management screens, and everything will seamlessly flow into your accounting systems for billing and payment. Oh, and using it as part of is totally free, too.

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Oh, And It’s Staffed By Real Humans For Support

Actual friendly humans work here at . So, when you call, a super-friendly person will pick up the phone on this end and help you out. Remember, we are NOT a broker, so there are no games or excuses. We work directly with the LTL carriers as their TECHNOLOGY PARTNER to push massive volumes of freight to them in exchange for wholesale rates, easy dimensional pricing, and fewer rebills. So, if you have a question – just call!

It’ll blow your mind.