Never Enter Another New Load Again – We’ll Do It For You!

takes ANY and ALL of your incoming emailed load tenders from ANY customer and ANY source format (PDF, image, text) and we auto-extract the data for you and we accurately build the load for you in your account. FOR YOU, this means NEVER needing to manually enter another load into your TMS again. Oh, and NO document training is needed (we do everything for you). IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING. Let us SHOW YOU.🏆

Let Enter All Your Loads For You, 24 x 7 x 365.

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We’ll Build ALL Your New Loads For You - In 3 Seconds Each.

It takes the average person 8 minutes to build a newly emailed load. But, imagine never needing to build another load again. That means less people to pay. It means your customers can send you loads 24 x 7 and you can accept them and build them around the clock - no matter where you are. Your customers will LOVE you because they will feel confident that YOU can be relied upon to move their loads. That means more business for you, and a happy customer forever. is the most amazing time saver you’ve ever seen! It will build your loads in as little as 3 seconds each. Huzzah!

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Zero Data Entry Errors = No Costly Mistakes

One in every 20 loads entered manually has a significant data entry error. It could be a wrong address, a wrong PO number, wrong weight, inaccurate miles, or even the wrong rate. THESE ERRORS COST YOU MONEY!!! But, with you’ll eradicate ALL your data entry errors. And, NO errors means NO COSTLY MISTAKES. It’s mind-blowing! Let us show you.


No Document Training Needed (i.e. WE Do It)

Other solutions out there cost an absolute fortune to buy, and then they force you to train the software to recognize all your inbound load tenders so their software can properly read them. But, with WE eat all the costs of that expensive document “machine learning” software, and WE do all the document training for you. That means you don’t need to be a programming expert (you can leave that to us) and you can start immediately (well, you do need to press a big button on the screen that says “On”, lol 🤣)

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All Your Original Inbound Load Tenders Are Digitally Saved

After processes the inbound tender and creates the new load for you, the free Document Management system that comes natively with will store all of the original load tenders for you, and it will attach the documents to the correct load(s) in your account. That way, you will always have access to the original load tenders just as they were originally emailed to you if you need them.

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No Limit On The Loads You Can Process At Once

can process 1 load or 1 million loads at the same time. Right now, you probably enter your loads one at a time, or you endlessly cut and paste data from old loads to new ones, or you copy old loads and then update that copy with the new load information. It’s inefficient and it’s prone to mistakes. can process thousands of new loads for you in mere seconds, with zero manual data entry mistakes. Shazam! That’s EFFICIENT!

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MONEY SAVER ALERT (Only Read If You Want To Save Money)

Because turns an 8-minute manual load entry process into as little as 3 seconds, it GUARANTEES you’ll save money. That 8-minute load entry process costs the average company around $4 each time a new load is entered. And, 1 in every 20 loads are entered incorrectly. Those mistakes can cost thousands when they’re discovered. With there is no $4 spent for data entry and no thousands spent annually in data entry mistakes. Over a full year that means YOU’LL SAVE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for each person you have building loads today. WOW! That’s FREE money in your pocket.

Want to learn more about ? Do you want to give it a free TRY (but, prepare to have your mind blown, though 😉). Just take a look HERE to see if is a good fit for you! If it is, our super-friendly team here will SHOW YOU how it works - and they can get you setup FOR FREE in just minutes if you like what you see. Once you have someone else building your loads for you, you’ll NEVER go back to doing it yourself EVER again.