It’s the original free load tracking service under YOUR FULL CONTROL. It's free to start & then you get UNLIMITED load tracking for just $79 flat per month (cancel anytime). Try it FREE right now - and if you don’t like it you won’t pay a single penny! And, the best part? The driver doesn’t need to download ANY app – they just need to be using ANY smartphone on the market (and today, 100% do already).

Just LOOK What You Get With With ZERO Setup Needed!

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Automatic Breadcrumb Tracking On YOUR Interval Schedule

Free GPS breadcrumb load tracking? Yes, we have that - and it is built right into . Would you like to pin-point the exact location of a driver by just using their cell phone's GPS? The feature sends them a special text message and we simply grab their location and the status of the load for you. The driver can also respond from his phone with the real-time status of the load with one press. NO APPS NEEDED - just our special text message! You can also use this feature to send any other instructions to a driver via standard text message. Yes, we know, it's pretty amazing, right?
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Single Driver / Load Location Pings On Demand

If you don’t want or need to get regular location tracks from the driver, you can just send one time pings on demand (or at a schedule you set). accommodates the needs of every load, whether it’s first mile, last mile, short haul or long haul. That means sometimes you just need a one-time ping instead of breadcrumbs every 15 minutes. IT’S YOUR CHOICE 😊.

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Pre-Pickup Location Tracking

will tell you where a driver is BEFORE they pickup (which gives you time to recover if they aren’t going to pick up on time). It’s pretty obvious that if your driver is 150 miles away he isn’t going to make his pickup appointment in the next 30 minutes. Right! Or, a driver that’s still sitting at his last delivery appointment is going to be a no-show on your load 15 minutes from now. Right! So, use to be in the know before your customer finds out first – and get another truck under the load!

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Instant Team Driver Verification

We’ve all booked a truck that say they have “team drivers”, but that cross country run took 7 days and not 3. Hmmmm. Suspicious. Well, with AscendTracker you’ll never get screwed again because you can send BOTH drivers on the team a location ping – and they’d BETTER be in the exact same location before they pickup your load. As Ronald Reagan said; “Trust, but Verify”. Never get fooled again with AscendTracker.

Digital POD Images The Moment The Load Delivers

Delivery POD's get texted in to AscendTracker from drivers on the road (and we even append them to the right load for you within your AscendTracker account for you). If you’re not responsible for getting POD’s in – not a biggie. But, if part of your job is getting POD’s in F A S T then this will do the trick. No other tracking service or TMS can do this. Any scanned, imported or texted document can be viewed, tagged, searched, downloaded, printed, or emailed to the right person from AscendTracker.

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Live Driver Texting Communication (Back And Forth)

Sometimes you need a real back-and-forth conversation with the driver (AND get his response). AscendTracker lets you do that. You can tell a driver what dock door to go to! Ask it they’ll be late! Tell them about a traffic jam ahead! Send them an address! Heck, just can even wish them a nice “good morning” to build a positive rapport so they go the extra mile for you. And, it’s ALL recorded in AscendTracker for you. So, if the driver says they were going to do something and they didn’t – you have a record of it!

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REAL Truck Miles Used For ETA Calculations and Routes

Google miles are fine when you’re going to your Aunt Milly’s birthday in Iowa – but it’s crap for true truck routing and mileage for business. If your current provider isn’t giving you TRUE truck miles and routes you are playing with fire (just ASK them what they use). AscendTracker includes real truck mileage and routes for everyone – and it’ll never cost you a single penny because WE include it. Ask what the other guys use – and RUN AWAY if they aren’t giving you REAL truck miles and routes!


Instant Live & Accurate Rate Guidance On ANY Lane From DAT RateView and InstaRate

Do you want to know current line-haul rates for any lane (including low, median, high and average RPM's)? Well, InstaRate is a free real-time rate index right at your fingertips. Simply provide InstaRate with the pickup and drop-off locations and presto, you will see live truckload rates for that lane pairing compiled from millions of real loads! And, if you’re already a DAT RateView customer we’ll feed you those real-time rates into AscendTracker, too.

Smart Capacity

Truck Fall Off? Call On Trucker Tools Smart Capacity

Want to see previously “invisible” trucks just feet away from your available load(s)? You can access over 1,100,000 drivers that use the Trucker Tools app on their phones, which pinpoints every driver around your available load – with many just a few feet away. Who best to call than a driver, with the right equipment, just down the street from your load! And, if you have a Smart Capacity account, then automatic breadcrumb tracking starts the moment you cover ANY load in AscendTracker. Now that’s SMART (Capacity).

Transit Insights

Transit Insights On EVERY Lane, EVERY Port, EVERY Boarder Crossing

Get amazing real-time freight delay insights for free in AscendTracker, free to you from our close friends at FourKites. You can see everything from current border crossing times, port congestion alerts, daily freight flows from state to state, traffic jams, weather delays, pickup and delivery dwell time trends, and much more on one single AscendTracker screen. Remember, knowledge about delays is power for you!

Live Carrier Verification / Fraud Check

Never load a bad carrier or bad driver again. Built into AscendTracker is a full carrier verification, carrier qualification, and fraud detection system. Simply enter the carriers MC or DOT number and we do the rest. You can even setup a brand-new carrier with just one click. Better still, you can conduct real-time fraud detection and carrier qualification every time you add one of your existing carriers or drivers to one of your loads. Never pick a bad carrier or bad driver again by making good selection decisions. It's all built into AscendTracker.

Shipper Directory

Shipper Directory. 25,000+ Companies Strong

subscribers get access to over 17,000 direct shippers and over 8,000 freight brokers and freight forwarders in every US state and every Canadian province. We collated the data from thousands of public records, paid database services, and commercial database vendors like D&B and Hoovers (we don’t ever use shipper data from within , which is yours, secured, protected and totally private to you). Our powerful Shipper Directory gets you the latest shipper contact information, including company names, phone numbers, addresses, and even the most recent credit ratings which are updated nightly. It's a powerful free sales tool right at your finger tips to increase your sales.

is part of the world class & well known family of services. Literally tens of thousands of professional brokers, 3PL’s and shippers use every single day. As a standalone service, puts the POWER in YOUR hands for load tracking. To get started, just get your free account (it takes just 13 seconds, we timed it) and you can use free for 30 days. If you love it (you will), it’s just $79 per month for UNLIMITED load tracking and ALL of the above features are INCLUDED! Oh, and training is FREE and support is FREE (forever) too. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY! Just click below to get started!