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with the same TMS technology used by the world's largest

logistics and trucking companies.

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Kleinschmidt has partnered with to offer you a totally free transportation management system (TMS) that will help you manage your entire logistics or trucking business. From driver management to dispatch, driver pay to settlement, IFTA reporting to invoicing, carrier management, capacity searching and management, and load tendering to funding, AscendTMS does everything a trucking or logistics company needs to be healthy and profitable.

The best part about using is that getting electronic load tenders via EDI, from over 20,000 global shippers like Walmart, Coca Cola, Home Depot, Kraft, Conagra, and tens of thousands of other shippers - is easy. That’s because your account is connected to these shippers through Kleinschmidt, the global EDI network that connects more shippers, brokers and carriers than any other. So, if you use and want to connect – electronically – to over 20,000 global shippers to get more load tenders via EDI, you can start right NOW!

Better still, you get the world’s #1 rated TMS software solution to manage your ENTIRE business – which will make you more profitable, overnight. The partnership provides the perfect solution for any carrier, freight broker/3PL, or shipper. Kleinschmidt stays on top of the latest and best technology that provides true value and highest effeciencies in the industry, and will transform your entire logistics business - at no additional cost to you.


You can manage every aspect of your logistics operations with the same TMS technology used by the world's largest logistics and trucking companies. gives you and your entire team complete control over your daily freight movements, as well as real-time Kleinschmidt loads, driver pre-planning, dispatch, driver tracking, ELD integration, driver texting, document management, carrier onboarding, accounting, dynamic reporting, order management, factoring, asset management, driver pay, asset maintenance & alerts, a shipper directory with shipper credit scores, IFTA reporting, driver qualification, and much much more.

Just take a look at a few of the amazing features of and see if a completely free, cloud-based TMS software package, courtesy of Kleinschmidt is right for you.

To get your 3 free users, compliments of Kleinschmidt, just click the "Get Started" button below. Then enter "KleinschmidtRocks! " as your promo code. It takes about 10 seconds (really!). There's no obligation, no cost, and no tech expertise needed. Then, before your standard free 30 day trial is up, just email us ANY proof that you’re a Kleinschmidt customer to Support@InMotionGlobal.com and say "Gimme that awesome Kleinschmidt deal! ", and we’ll get you your extended free Premium subscription - courtesy of Kleinschmidt - within 1 business day. Welcome to the family! 😊

Enjoy your new software - and the joy (and added profits) that Digital Freight Management capabilities will bring you!

The Kleinschmidt Team.

* The Basic subscription of AscendTMS is totally free to all AscendTMS users. However, some AscendTMS services and integrations may require that you have a Premium AscendTMS subscription. Also, some outside third-party AscendTMS integration partners may charge for their respective services (although most offer a free trial to AscendTMS users).